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The Zimbra Gallery is where members of the Zimbra Community can share Zimlets, Themes and other extensions to the Zimbra products.

What's available?

Zimlets Zimlets are a way to implement new functionality and extend & integrate with existing features in the Zimbra Web Client. See Zimlet Developer's Guide for ZCS 6.0 for more information.
Themes Themes are UI "skins" that can be installed into ZCS to provide a new Look-and-Feel to Zimbra Web Clients.
Languages Languages packs for translating and localizing Zimbra.
Extras Anything else that is useful to a Zimbra deployment. These could be development tools, migration utilities, etc.

Browsing and Searching

Using the left navigation of the Zimbra Gallery, you can browse for extensions by Type (Zimlets, Themes and Extras) or by Category.

You can order the list of extensions by "Recent" or "Popular". "Recent" lists the most recently updated extensions. "Popular" lists the extensions by most downloads. To search the Gallery by keyword, use the search box in the upper-right of the page.

The following image shows browsing by "Type > Zimlets" and sorting by "Popular":



When viewing an extension, click the "Download" button to start the download. Most extensions store their binary content in the Gallery but some are stored externally from Zimbra. In those cases, a "Visit Site" button will be presented instead and when clicked, you will be linked to the external site to download the binary.


The contributor is responsible for designating the license and usage rights for the extension. Zimbra has no responsibility or stewardship over the extensions submitted. A link to license designated by the contributor (if specified) will be shown when browsing the extension details.



The login username and password is shared with the Zimbra Forums. If you have an existing account at the Zimbra Forums, you can login using that information. If not, click the Sign Up link at the top-right of the page. Follow the steps to register, including choosing a username and password.

Registration is not required for browsing and downloading Zimbra extensions. Registration is required for posting reviews and if you plan to contribute.

Note: a valid email address is required for registration. A confirmation email will be sent to the specified email address for you to activate the account.

Posting Ratings and Reviews

When viewing an extension, you can optionally select a "star" rating for the extension (1-5 stars, with 5 being "great"). Additionally, you can post a comment review. You must be registered and logged-in to be able to posting a review.


View this document if you plan to contribute items to the Zimbra Gallery.

Common Questions

After registering, will my username be shown in the Gallery to the Community?

Your username will not be displayed in the Gallery unless you post a review (as the commenter) or contribute an extension (as the extension "author"). For these situations, we suggest using a username you are comfortable showing to the Community.

What am I agreeing to when registering?

Registration is subject to the terms and conditions of the Zimbra Community

Since my username is shared between the Zimbra Forums and the Zimbra Gallery, once signing in at one site, will I automatically be signed in at the other?

No. Currently we only use the same username and password but we do not support true "single sign on".

What happens if I forget my password?

An email will be sent to the email address you provided during the Community Forum registration.

What if I want to make a contribution to the Gallery?

Read this document and follow the instructions on becoming a contributor.

Does Zimbra support the extensions available in the Gallery?

No. Zimbra does not warrant or support any extension unless explicitly stated. The contributor might provide support and will specific as such on the extension details. Use the extensions at your own risk.

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