Zimlet LinkedIn Images

Zimlet LinkedIn Images

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Technical steps to follow to have the Linkedin-images Zimlet up and working. The Zimlet LinkedIn Images us permit merge our LinkedIn account with our contacts, and in the end have the picture of our Contacts and show it automatically in our Zimbra Web Client.


The Zimlet LinkedIn Images came with the last Release of Zimbra 8.5, and it's free, we can use it in Open Source Edition and also in Network Edition. But, first, we need to modify one file and also do some stuff in LinkedIn.

LinkedIn API Key

For have our Zimlet working, frist we need an LinkedIn API Key, is only once and any IT Administrator in our Company can do it for free if have LinkedIn account.

  • We need to go to [1] and Login with our credentials
  • We need to fill the fields with our Information, an example (sorry for the spanish content but my LinkedIn account is in spanish) Change my domain for yours.

Zimbra-linkedin-006.png Zimbra-linkedin-007.png

Next and very important is fill the next fields with this information, like here, change my domain for yours.



Congratulations, you will obtain your LinkedIn API KEY, Secret Key, etc. We will only need the LinkedI API KEY

Configuring & Installing the Zimlet

  • Download the Zimlet from your own Zimbra server, you will found it in the next path:
  • Edit the file called com_zimbra_linkedinimage.xml and change the next variable with your own LinkedIn API KEY
<property type="string" name="linkedinZimlet_api_key" value="LINKEDIN API KEY HERE"/>
  • Save all of your files in a zip called com_zimbra_linkedinimage.zip with all of the files inside, no folders, just all the files.
  • Go to your Zimbra Collaboration Administration Console, Configure>Zimlets and select the LinkedIn Image Zimlet and First Toggle Status for disable and second Undeploy


  • Then click in the right gaf icon, and Deploy your new and fresh com_zimbra_linkedinimage.zip cooked by yourself, be sure to mark the checkbox for flush the zimlet cache


==0Configuring & Using in our Web Client==0

  • Well done! Is time to do F5 in your Web Browser and time to play!


  • Now the Zimlet will requires our credentials of Linkedin. For each user their credentials, the Linkedin API KEY is only generated once.


  • Next we will push in Start Scanning, and all of our Zimbra contacts that match with our LinkedIn Contacts will be updated with picture.


  • We will see the resume of the operation.


  • And if we go to any of our contacts, and also we have this contact in Linkeding we will see him/her like that:


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