Zimlet Developers Guide:Application Context

Zimlet Developers Guide: Application Context

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The Application Context is a global object available via JavaScript from your Zimlet Handler Object. Using the Application Context object, you can access various application information, dialog boxes, and user preferences. The Application Context is accessed via the appCtxt object. For example, the following shows how to access the simple message dialog from the application context:

com_zimbra_mytestzimlet.prototype.myMethod = 
function() {

  var dialog = appCtxt.getMsgDialog(); // get a simple message dialog

  dialog.reset(); // reset the dialog

  dialog.setMessage("Hello World!", DwtMessageDialog.INFO_STYLE); // set the message "info" style

  dialog.popup(); // display the dialog


Accessing Dialogs

The following describes some of the appCtxt methods for accessing dialogs:

Class Method Description
appCtxt.getMsgDialog() Gets the message dialog (with "OK" button).
appCtxt.getYesNoMsgDialog() Gets the message dialog (with "Yes"/"No" buttons).
appCtxt.getYesNoCancelMsgDialog() Gets the message dialog (with "Yes"/"No"/"Cancel" buttons).
appCtxt.getErrorDialog() Gets the error dialog (with "Error Report"/"Details"/"OK" buttons).

Application Information

The following describes some of the appCtxt methods for accessing application information:

Class Method Description
appCtxt.getCurrentApp() Gets the current application object.
appCtxt.getCurrentAppName() Gets current application name.
appCtxt.getCurrentController() Gets the current application controller.

Account Information

The following describes some of the appCtxt methods for accessing account information:

Class Method Description
appCtxt.getActiveAccount() Gets the active account.
appCtxt.getUsername(account) Gets the username for the specified account.
appCtxt.getUserDomain(account) Gets the user domain for the specified account.

API Documentation

The complete JavaScript documentation for the Application Context class is available at:

Zimbra JavaScript API Reference

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