Zimbra ZCB/BES User FAQ

Zimbra BES User FAQ

Organizations using Zimbra Collaboration Suite Network Edition are able to connect Zimbra to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and sync their devices (assuming they have an appropriate data plan). If you are not sure which version of Zimbra you are using, please contact your administrator or service provider.

Below are frequently asked questions by BlackBerry users (and administrators) connecting to their Zimbra mailbox via BES. Please note the set up for a BlackBerry device on Zimbra is essentially the same as BlackBerry for an MS Exchange user.

I'm having problems with enterprise activation

How can I delete all data or all data and applications from the BlackBerry smartphone (aka wipe handheld)

Why are messages deleted from the device not deleted from the server?

Why aren't new messages that are added to folders other than the Inbox folder displayed on the device?

  • For folders other than Inbox, you must configure folder redirection.
  1. From the Blackberry device Home screen, go to Messages.
  2. Display the menu, and select Options > Email Settings.
  3. Display the menu and select Folder Redirection.
  4. In the Folder Redirection menu, highlight the Mailbox and select Expand.
  5. Under the Mailbox, highlight the Mailbox and select Expand.
  6. Highlight the folder that you want to turn on redirection for.
  7. Display the menu, and select Change Option.

Why aren't certain modifications synchronized in real-time?

  • "The wireless email reconciliation feature processes requests in batches. As messages are read, deleted, moved, and so on, these modifications are queued and sent to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for each batch. Batching delays the wireless synchronization of folders (management) and message status while the information is being queued and the batches are being created. The batching process is designed to regulate the amount of wireless traffic the BlackBerry Enterprise Server has to process so that it does not become inundated with requests that the worker threads need to process." -- From RIM's "Wireless Email Reconciliation" documentation.

How do I adjust message pre-population settings?

Zimbra BES Admin FAQ

How to disable Local Failures sent to user's devices

  • The 'Local Failures' is a feature in ZCB Beta 3. This is enabled on by default so users can know when items are not synced.

You can disable this in the registry, as specified in the ZCB Beta 3 release.


If this registry key is not set or is set to 0, local failures messages will be sent to the user’s device. If this key exists and is set to 1, this feature is turned off.

Correct steps to Start/Stop BES Services

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