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How to delete a groupchat using the CLI

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How to delete a groupchat using the CLI

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When creating a chatroom there are 2 options implemented as switches:

  • Delete chat stream after closing
    • this is on by default, meaning the chatroom is deleted when all participants leave, it remains accessible as long as there is at least one participant
    • if this is turned off, the chatroom becomes persistent. See below for information on how to delete the room manually from commnd line
  • Hide chat streams from new participants
    • this is turned off by default, making the chatroom public (visible to all users of this domain)
    • if it is turned on, the chat is not publicly visible

So - users can select the behaviour here and chose what they want.


To delete persistent chatrooms manually on talk server you need the full jid of the room. Usually this is <roomname>@conference.<userdomain.tld>. To fetch a list of persistent chatrooms execute as root:

echo "select key from prosody where store='persistent';" | su - postgres -c "psql prosody -A -t" 

You will see the list of your persistent chatrooms like for example:


To delete a chatroom execute on talk server (where jid is 5e69hiag@conference.zimbra.io for example):

echo "muc:room(\"5e69hiag@conference.zimbra.io\"):destroy()" | nc localhost 5582
|                    ____                \   /     _
                    |  _ \ _ __ ___  ___  _-_   __| |_   _
                    | |_) | '__/ _ \/ __|/ _ \ / _` | | | |
                    |  __/| | | (_) \__ \ |_| | (_| | |_| |
                    |_|   |_|  \___/|___/\___/ \__,_|\__, |
                    A study in simplicity            |___/

| Welcome to the Prosody administration console. For a list of commands, type: help
| You may find more help on using this console in our online documentation at 
| http://prosody.im/doc/console

| Result: nil

Reasons and prerequisites

Delete persistent chatrooms

Zimbra Talk


Latest Version: 2.3

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