Zimbra Talk/How to configure Groups or Contacts displayed in the Zimbra Talk Contact list

How to configure Groups or Contacts displayed in the Zimbra Talk Contact list

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How to configure Groups or Contacts displayed in the Zimbra Talk Contact list

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The way a user's contact list is composed of depends on

  • Its domain membership
  • Its distribution list membership

Configuring the roster filter based on domain

A rosterfilter can be setup per domain, that configures which distibution lists and with it their members are in general available for display in the contact-list of the respective domain's users. This is configured as LDAP-filter

For the default filter is prompted during the installation process:


In case you accept the proposed LDAP-filter settings, all distribution-lists are added to the contact list for each domain. The value is then stored in the



DefaultRosterFilter = (&(objectClass=zimbraDistributionList)(uid=*))

In addition there's also an option in the talk.defaults.cfg to define the RosterFilter domain specific.

For each Zimbra-domain configured for Zimbra-talk, there is a section


which contains a line to setup a domain-specific LDAP filter for the roster, per default, this is set to the DefaultRosterFilter but can be adjusted any time:

RosterFilter = (&(objectClass=zimbraDistributionList)(uid=*))

For example, in case you only want distribution-lists displayed in the contact-list that start with "talk", you can adjust the Rosterfilter by adapting the uid to

RosterFilter = (&(objectClass=zimbraDistributionList)(uid=ztalk*))

This will include distribution lists that start with ztalk, like


but exclude those which do not, like


To apply the modifications saved to the /etc/zimbra-talk/talk.defaults.cfg file, execute

sudo /usr/share/ztalk/libexec/update-prosody-conf

Zimbra Talk


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