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Config-files and diagnose-tools

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Incident description

Config-files and diagnose-tools

Resolution description

General file locations

Description of files Path
Configuration files /etc/zimbra-talk/
Diagnose and configuration tools /usr/share/ztalk/libexec/
VNC-Middleware- and license configuration /etc/clouddirectory/

Configuration files

Config files Description
talk.defaults.cfg General configuration file containing all information entered or detected by the installer during the installation process
<domain-name>-vnc_hybrid_authenticator.cfg The hybrid-authenticator configuration file for each configured domain
bind.conf DNS settings to add to bind config file when using bind as DNS-server
dnsmasq.conf DNS settings to add to dnsmasq.conf when using dnsmasq as DNS-server
dns.d Folder that contains domain specific TXT-records for bind and dnsmasq.
Since the general bind.conf and dnsmasq.conf files only contain the TXT-records for Zimbra's default domain, in case of multi tenancy setup the additional TXT-records in this folder must be added in order to make Zimbra-talk available for a specific domain.
ztalk-ssl-cert.key Private key for talk-server's SSL-certificate
ztalk-ssl-cert.pem Talk-server's SSL-certific

Note: When you need to update/change your SSL-certificate, just replace the ztalk-ssl-cert files accordingly and restart nginx.

Diagnose and configuration tools

Tools are located in /usr/share/ztalk/libexec/, must be executed with root privileges:

Tool Function
generate_base_dns.sh Generates/ replaces existing bind.conf and dnsmasq.conf files in /etc/zimbra-talk/
check_talk_dns.sh Checks DNS settings and reports errors in DNS-configuration.
If DNS setup is ok, it returns hostname and IP of jitsi-videobridge and the info:
DNS Records OK
update-prosody-conf * check for changes and applies configuration changes made in talk.defauls.cfg to the system's components accordingly
• updates information from LDAP (new domains, etc.) and reports missing settings
• generates/ updates missing hybrid authenticator config files in /etc/zimbra-talk
• generates/ updates DNS config files in /etc/zimbra-talk/dns.d/
• after execution, restart prosody service to apply the changes:
sudo service prosody restart

VNC-Middleware- and license configuration

  • The folder licenses contains the current available licenses for the system. In case of a license-update, place the new license file here.
  • clouddird.cf is the general configuration file where the middleware fetches it's information from, it contains (mentioned only the relevant parts for Zimbra-talk:
    • The middleware's database credentials
    • The Zimbra Admin-UI's hostname, protocol, port and credentials.

Zimbra Talk


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