Zimbra Talk/Check License Validity and license update

Check License Validity and license update

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Incident description

Check License Validity and update license

Resolution description

To check the state of you currently installed zimbra-talk license, you have these options:

Check in Web-Browser when logged into Zimbra

  • call URL:
  • Possible results:
    • No active Zimbra session
{"status":401,"message":"Empty session id in request." ...... }

--> you need to log into Zimbra and check again.

  • No license file found
  • License expired
{"State":"Expired","ExpiryDate":"<date and time in the past>","EnabledFeatures":[]}
  • License valid:

{"State":"Active","ExpiryDate":"<date and time in the future>","EnabledFeatures":[<comma separated list of enabled features>]}

Check from talks-server's comand line

  • Access the zimbra-talk server via ssh
  • The license file is located in /etc/clouddirectory/licenses/<licensefile>
  • To get information on the validity of the installed license, execute
openssl x509 -in /etc/clouddirectory/licenses/<licensefile> -noout -text | grep "Not" | tr ',' '\n'

The result lists the timeframe, covered by the license.

In case the license has expired, you need to obtain a new license file.

Upgrade license

  • To install the new license, just put the file in the license directory and restart the talk-server's middleware:
    • as superuser copy the license file into the license directory. old license files can stay in the directory. Licenses are accumulative.
sudo cp <current licensefile location> /etc/clouddirectory/licenses/
    • After a few seconds, the new license will be applied and after reloading the Browser window, the Zimbra-talk tab should appear again.


License expired

  • Zimbra-talk tab vanished from browser
  • The browser's debug console is showing the next message and no other errors are displayed indicating another problem:
TalkFeaturesEnable?  => false

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