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Zimbra Talk specializes in providing services for real time communication and it includes several components. In minimal installation a Zimbra environment and a single additional server (the Talk server) are required. At the moment the only supported platform for the Talk Server is Ubuntu 14.04 (64bit), Red Hat Support is expect for the next Release

Zimbra Talk needs as well a Zimbra Collaboration 8.6 or higher version

The Zimbra Talk system enables its users to perform text chat, text conference, video chat & video conference as well as online document collaboration between the participants of a Zimbra Talk session, using Zimbra Zimlet technology.

Version 2.3

New Features

  • New reworked design
  • New chat client user preferences settings
    • Set presence - from chat client preferences
    • Add user avatar / profile picture
    • User defined time zone display - takes the time zone from zimbra user preferences
  • New "search contacts" tab
    • Ability to create favourite lists - add and remove contacts from search results
  • New Favorite contacts tab
    • Ability to expand or hide the members of every favourite list.
    • Show offline users via checkbox
  • Aside from prefilled contact lists defined by domain specific roster filter, new config option to let users add contacts from GAL available
  • Chat window
    • Option to send files to chat partner added
    • Add emoticons from galery in chat window
    • Resize chat window in height and width by dragging the upper and left borders
    • New minimize and fullscreen button added to chat window
  • Groupchat
    • Ability to delete or keep the chat room after finishing the meeting
    • Ability to make the chat room private only for the members
    • Ability to rename, and edit the chat room
    • Ability to add users before creating the chat room
    • Ability to view the availability of users "presence" before inviting them to the chat room
    • Ability to invite users who are offline via an email notification
    • New indicator bar on Top
      • Indicates when an invitation to a group chat is pending and promts user to join / decline
  • Zimbra Talk video conferencing
    • New indicator bar on Top
      • indicates when in active video-conference
      • Indicates when an invitation to a video conference is pending and promts user to join / decline
      • Button to hang up on video conference / end conference in indicator bar
    • Prompted for display name in preview window when joining a video conference
    • join existing video-conference / groupchat by entering the session name
  • Installer now provides option to uninstall Zimbra-talk application
  • New language support
    • support for Spanish, Portugese, French, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesion, Arabic
  • Improved support for Mozilla Firefox browser

Bug Fixes

  • fixed that Zimbra-talk tab was not always loaded after login to ZWC
  • Stability improvements for video-conferencing
  • fixed errors in German language support
  • fixed displaying 404 error instead of starting a video-conference when name for new conference / chatroom contains special characters


  • Fixed a condition where when starting a new conference the page would refresh
  • Fixes for language specific interfaces
  • Fixed file transfer glitch
  • Fixed an issue where the video chat would not appear
  • Fixed Online/offlime issue with contacts
  • Various icon placement and styling fixes
  • Updated GUI styling
  • Can now properly kick a user from group video chat
  • Prevent redirection when starting a chat
  • Roster changes to accommodate more than 200 users
  • Display name is retrieved now for users
  • Various updates to error dialogs and messages
  • Various layout and text fixes
  • Updated localisation capabilities
  • Fixed hovering and clicking action on contacts
  • Various buttons and action fixes
  • Roster searching improvements
  • "Is typing..." now appears in text chat
  • Umlaut issue in chat names fixed
  • Text can now be selected with ctrl a
  • Tab indexing issue in admin zimlet fixed

Zimbra Talk


Latest Version: 2.3

Zimbra Talk Resources

Here you can find useful resources for your Zimbra Talk environment

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