Zimbra Talk/"Please wait" displayed in contact-list icon followed by "Error" eventually.

"Please wait" displayed in contact-list icon followed by "Error" eventually.

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Incident description

"Please wait" displayed in contact-list icon followed by "Error" eventually.

Resolution description

  • When you encounter a Please wait displayed for more than a few seconds in Zimbra-Talk's contact-list icon after a successful installation of Zimbra-talk:


  • Followed by Error after some time


Check if the Zimlet configuration in the Admin-UI has been set correctly

  • Fetch the correct Authentication token from the talk-server by executing with root privileges:
sudo cat /etc/zimbra-talk/talk.defaults.cfg | grep AUTHENTICATION_SHARED_SECRET
AUTHENTICATION_SHARED_SECRET = ciesiikaiwiedeipootaeyohdieciene
  • in Zimlet configuration:
    • Enter the shared secret as Auth.-Token (in this example: ciesiikaiwiedeipootaeyohdieciene)
    • Save settings.


Now log into a user account again or click the Error symbol in the contact-list icon in case you are still logged in:

  • The contact list should now change and display the number of users online:


No change in the Contact list In case your are 100% sure that the shared secret was entered correctly and:

  • you are still getting a Please wait followed by Error
  • you already restarted the zimbra-services which did not change anything by executing
zmcontrol restart
  • You need to reboot your Zimbra machine, which might be necessary in some cases to finally fix that issue:
sudo reboot

Check time on Zimbra and Talk-backend server

  • Another issue could be that the Zimbra and the Talk server time differ too much but must be in sync for the authentication process to be working.
  • The time between both servers must not differ more than 5 minutes and the talk server must not be ahead of the Zimbra-Server.


contact list does not show No of online users but keeps at state "Please wait" until it ends up displaying "Error"

Zimbra Talk


Latest Version: 2.3

Zimbra Talk Resources

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