Zimbra Suite Plus/Zimbra Mobile Plus/UI

Zimbra Mobile Plus - UI

Zimbra Mobile Plus - UI

Zimbra Mobile Plus UI overview

This page provides a brief overview of the Zimbra Mobile Plus user interface.

  • (1) "Zimbra Mobile Plus": Click here to enter the Zimbra Mobile Plus administration.
  • (2) "Active Session List"Mobile Syncstates: A list of all active Zimbra Mobile Plus sessions.
  • (3) "Last Seen": Timestamp of the last Zimbra Mobile Plus operation for the device.
  • (4) "Device": An identification string for the device (usually Device OS Type + Version)
  • (5) "Device ID": The unique ID of the device.
  • (6) "Protocol Version": The Active Sync version used by the device.
  • (7) "Account": The account synchronized with the device.
  • (8) "Reset Device"Mobile Syncstates: Press this button to reset the device's SyncState for a single account, forcing a full re-synchronization the next time the device connects to the server.
  • (9) "Registered Devices"Mobile Syncstates: A list of all the devices that synchronized at least once with the server.
  • (10) "Remove Device"Mobile Syncstates: Press this button to remove all the device's SyncState and history for a single user from the server. Useful when a mobile device is not used anymore or is assigned to a different employee in the same company.
  • (11) "Zimbra Mobile Plus Enabled": A count of all Classes of ServiceZimbra_Suite_Plus/Zimbra_Mobile_Plus/EnableCOS and AccountsEnable User allowed to synchronize. Click the "Search" button to visualize elements of the proper type.
  • (12) "Zimbra Mobile Plus Advanced Performance Tuning"Performance Tuning: Three options to fine-tune Zimbra Mobile Plus's impact on system performances.

Zimbra Suite Plus Resources

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