Zimbra Releases/ZD/7.3.0

Zimbra Desktop 7.3.0 GA Release

Check out "What's New" and, of course, the "Fixed Issues" and "Known Issues" for this version of Zimbra Desktop below. As always, you’re encouraged to tell us what you think in the Forums, or file a bug in Bugzilla.
If interested, please see a complete list of changes in this release in the next Table, for a detailed Bugzilla list, please use this report

What's New

106372 Replacing Prism framework by Nw.js for all platforms
96507 New auto-update framework for Windows and Mac OS X
65456 Support 64-bit ZD builds for linux
104738 RFE: ZD: Support for Indonesian Language
105047 Windows: Making Zimbra Desktop as default email application(mailto protocol)
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Fixed Issues

100636 Installation of ZD in silent mode fails on windows OS (Java not found error)
106135 Date format for "Sync messages to fixed date" on add new account page is incorrect and causes problem
106989 Need administrator privileges for running auto update on Zimbra Desktop(Windows 7, Windows 10)
107007 Windows: zdesktop.exe(jetty) process is not get killed immediately when ZD is closed from system tray
106001 ZD UI process(NW) crashes on accessing a shared briefcase folder
106241 Update registry keys in Windows OS when "mailto" handler is set/unset in ZD.
106478 ZD installation failing with openjdk version "1.8.0_91"
64657 Unable to paste an image inline
106992 When Java is not found by ZD installer, it should clarify that "Oracle" Java was not found
107154 Show original option is not working for calendar appointment
96770 Remove prism related code while changing locale
99763 ZD: Thai locale not displaying correctly(Only on Mac)
106985 Zimbra Desktop on Mac OS X can not read Thai language
106100 Support older themes in Zimbra Desktop
46088 The 'From' column is named 'step 3.'
104571 INTL - Note for standard message on shared folders not showing when language is set to other than English
38619 Need mechanism to turn off or remind later for auto updates in ZDC
99919 Advanced Date search do not work for Thai, Korea, Chinese, Hongkong, Turkey
Error when moving emails to folders

HTML Rendering bugs

79801 Email message display is truncated, but reply shows full content
100397 image/page not displayed correctly in attachment message
101880 Unable to view the complete email
93616 Message chopped off at bottom so can't read it properly
104444 HTML rendering issues
107277 An email with an image content missing in ZD.
99512 Responsive HTML email fails to render

Known Issues

105422 Spell check while composing new email not working in 7.3
107857 Can not find within message using Ctrl +F
107858 Blank screen should not displayed while opening doc or xls file
107860 Blinking cursor disappears in message body
107861 Keyboard Shortcut - "Shift+Tab" in the message
107758 Zimbra Desktop 7.3 not compatible with OpenJDK 9
107859 Closing ZD by clicing X icon doesn't keep application in background.
107862 MailTo setting doesn't preserved after upgrade
107863 Mailto is not working if browser setting set to always ask on mailto email links
99733 Gmail contact sync doesn't work
104122 Password lock feature should accept new password after password reset
103615 Solution to recover local folder data if Zimbra Desktop is crashed
107939 No preview for docs(word, excel files) attached in email
107924 No option of "Open with" for downloaded attachments. Only save option is available.
107941 UI setting for keeping ZD running in background on clicking X icon(close) on Windows OS

Install/Upgrade instructions

The installation process it may vary depending of your Operating System, download the new Zimbra Desktop version and follow the Installation wizard.


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