Zimbra Releases/8.8.12

Zimbra Collaboration 8.8.12 GA Release

Check out the Security Fixes, What's New, Fixed Issues, Known Issues and the new Product Lifecycle Updates section for this version of Zimbra Collaboration. As always, you’re encouraged to tell us what you think in the Forums, or open a support ticket to report issues.

NOTE: If you are upgrading and/or migrating from an older version of Zimbra to Zimbra 8.8 Production Ready, please read "Things to Know Before Upgrading" and "First Steps with the Zimbra NG Modules" for critical information before you upgrade.

Security Fixes

Information about security fixes, security response policy and vulnerability rating classification are listed below. See the Zimbra Security Response Policy and the Zimbra Vulnerability Rating Classification information below for details. You can also refer to the Security Vulnerability Advisories register.

Bug# Summary CVE-ID CVSS
Fix Release or
Patch Version
109127 SSRF CWE-918 / CWE-807 CVE-2019-9621 4.0 Minor 8.8.12
109096 Blind SSRF CWE-918 CVE-2019-6981 4.0 Minor 8.8.12
108181 Upgraded 3rd party php to version 7.3.1. n/a - - 8.8.12
107548 Upgraded Apache HTTP Server to version 2.4.38. n/a - - 8.8.12

What's New

NOTE: Beta features should not be installed and are not supported on production systems. Beta modules have been provided for evaluation in lab environments only.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite:
  • Hierarchical Address Book (Stable) - An Hierarchical Address Book (HAB) is an enhancement of the Global Address List (GAL) that includes organization information, enabling contact selection by sub-organization and seniority. The Zimbra Web Client now gives users the ability to view, navigate and select contacts from the HAB. With HAB enabled, "Global Organization" appears as a contact source in the Select-Addresses dialog, and selecting it changes the dialog to facilitate navigating the organization as a tree structure.
  • Automatic configuration for platform Calendar, Contact and Email apps on iOS and MacOS is now supported by direct download of mobileconfig files. Users will find Mobile Configuration in Preferences - Connected Devices & Apps.
  • Ubuntu 18.04 support (Beta)
Zimbra Connector for Outlook:
  • Recover Deleted Items: ZCO now supports Zimbra's Dumpster feature. Messages and Contacts that have been permanently deleted can be recovered back to the user's Trash folder. This requires that the feature be enabled for the user (zimbraDumpsterEnabled). Currently this feature is available in English only; localization will be provided in an upcoming patch.
  • Added an option for a Simplified Support View when producing a custom MSI. This simplifies the Support tab in ZCO with a limited menu of actions.
  • Actions for the Persona feature will now only be shown if the feature is enabled for the user.
Zimbra Drive:
  • Zimbra Drive is declared Stable as of this release. If you had deployed with Beta, please refer to Known Issues.
  • When sharing a file in Drive, an email can be automatically sent to collaborators.
  • Users can now download entire folders from Drive via a new Download option on folder menus and context menus.
  • Reminder: Legacy Zimbra Drive based on Nextcloud / Owncloud integration has been renamed Open Drive, and is compatible with:
    • NextCloud versions 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 only (See NextCloud store for latest.)
    • ownCloud versions 9.0, 9.1, and 10 only
Zimbra Talk:
  • Instant meeting adds the ability to initiate a video call including external users.
Zimbra Docs:
  • Zimbra Docs server build is now based on latest version of LOOL 4.0.1. "This release includes a fresh look - with improved toolbar colors and layout, ...easier shape editing, as well as improved interoperability provided by upgrading the underlying document rendering core to Collabora Office 6.0."
NG Backup:
  • Blobless Backup (Beta) gives administrators the option to skip blobs during backup, thereby reducing the elapsed time required to perform the backup. For system integrity, blob backup should be provided through some other mechanism.

Fixed Issues

Area Description
Mail A fix in 8.8.11 that prevented unwanted duplication of attachments came with a side-effect bug that suppressed the display of inline PDF attachments sent from Apple Mail clients. This has been fixed.
Calendar The Quick Add or New Event dialog always pre-selects the user's Default Calendar from preferences when creating a new event. This occurs even when the user is viewing only one of their available calendars; in that case the expected behavior should be to pre-select that calendar, not the user's default.
ZCO GAL synchronization message now properly reports progress expressed as progress / total items.
ZCO The Add Share button is hidden for ZCO users who do not have Sharing enabled (i.e. zimbraFeatureSharingEnabled is false).
NG Mobile Hidden folders and their contents are skipped during synchronization. Previously, such folders caused synchronization to fail.
NG Backup Missing Blob errors will only be logged once, mitigating a problem that caused mailbox.log to grow exponentially and stop smartscan from completing.
Zimbra Docs Documents shared in Read-Only mode can now be edited only from the authenticated owner's account.
Zimbra Drive Files contained in Drive will now remain accessible in ReadOnly mode if the license expires.
Zimbra Drive On multiserver, downloading a drive folder as zip would sometimes result in a corrupted zip file. This has been fixed.
Zimbra Drive Fixed a bug that blocked the viewing or editing of share information when a file or folder was shared with a distribution list.
Zimbra Drive After user's computer resumed from "sleep", Zimbra Drive would often show errors The server is off-line or I'm thinking. Now when the websocket connection has been closed, the client tries to reopen it at increasing time intervals, to ensure Drive reconnects.
Zimbra Talk After a video call ended, the webcam may have remained active. The video stream is now reliably terminated when the call ends. Workaround for earlier versions is to refresh the browser if the webcam activity LED remained on past the end of call.

Known Issues

Area Description
Zimbra Drive Documents stored in briefcase or Zimbra Drive that have very long names are opened in view-only mode. To work around this, shorten the filename on the document.
Web UX Hierarchical Address Book (HAB) is supported in English only. Support for additional languages will be provided in an upcoming patch release.
Zimbra Drive If you used Zimbra Drive v2 (Beta) prior to its Stable release, we advise you to clean up the Beta database before proceeding. Refer to How to Clean up a Zimbra Drive (Beta) Database.
ZCO Dumpster feature is supported in English only. Support for additional languages will be provided in an upcoming patch release.
ZCO Older versions of the Outlook Connector for Zimbra (prior to Version 8.8.10) do not detect versions 8.8.10 and higher, so users will receive no notification that an upgrade is available. End users are recommended to initiate a manual upgrade to this version of the connector.
Zextras When attempting to install Zimbra Suite Plus (ZSP) on an incompatible version of ZCS, the admin will receive an error message with the incorrect URL for the Compatibility List. The correct URL is https://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/Zimbra_Suite_Plus/Compatibility_List.
Platform After an upgrade to 8.8.12, IMAP users are unable to access folders with names containing non-ASCII characters. This is fixed in 8.8.12 P1.

Product Lifecycle Updates

IMAPD was released as Beta with Zimbra 8.8.5, and has not been released as Stable. It has been deprecated.
ZCS Migration Wizard for Exchange is supported only for PST file import, with End of Technical Guidance set for 31 December 2020. We recommend audriga's self-service migration solution as a preferred alternative for all account migrations.
ZCS Migration Wizard for Domino is now deprecated.
ZCS Account Migration within the Zimbra Admin UI is no longer supported, with End of Technical Guidance set for 17 December 2019.
Zimbra Classic HSM, Classic Backup, and Classic Mobile are deprecated and will be removed in the next release of Zimbra 8.8. Installations that have not yet migrated to new Network Edition NG Modules or ZSP are encouraged to do so.
Zimbra Desktop is no longer supported, with End of Technical Guidance set for 1 October 2019.
Zimbra Touch Client is now deprecated.
Zimbra Mobile Client is now deprecated.
HTML Client is no longer supported, with End of Technical Guidance set for 1 July 2022.

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