Zimbra Releases/8.7.8

Zimbra Collaboration 8.7.8 Early Developer Release

PLEASE NOTE: This release contained several known issues that negatively impact server stability and reliability. For that reason, please skip it, and use ZCS 8.7.9 GA

Check out the "Fixed Issues" and "Known Issues" for this early developer release version of Zimbra Collaboration below. As always, you’re encouraged to tell us what you think in the Forum, or open a support ticket.

If interested, please see a complete list of changes in this release in the next Table, for a detailed Bugzilla list, please use this report

To upgrade to version 8.7.8 from ZCS 7.2.x or later, please check our upgrade documentation.

For supported operating systems and browsers please check our supported systems documentation.


37276 RFC 5229: Provide support for variable substitution in filters/rules
105376 RFC 5235: Support Sieve extension: "Spamtest and Virustest Extensions"
107890 RFC 5429: Reject and Extended Reject Extensions; allows messages to be rejected at either the LMTP/SMTP level or with an MDN or DSN
106839 RFC 5435, RFC 5436: notify action with mailto (send notify message via email) extension, Adding logging level to debug messages.

Admin defined sieve rules controlled by LDAP attributes: (zimbraMailAdminSieveScriptBefore, zimbraMailAdminSieveScriptAfter, zimbraMailAdminOutgoingSieveScriptBefore

and zimbraMailAdminOutgoingSieveScriptAfter)

Fixed Issues

107791 Not able to set ephemeral backend URL during install
97568 User is able to activate filters with fileinto action for non-exist folder

Known Issues

107891 Upgrade from 877 to 878 failed due to ldap schema violation
107892 SIEVE: Sieve rule gets applied to all the recipients even if applied to a single recepient
107893 NPE for delete folder action for user account having sieve script
107894 Regression : ModifyOutgoingFilterRulesRequest fails
107895 Regression : Variables not replaced in notify
107896 Regression : test case for bug 65369 fails
107897 UI filter became unusable when the rule contains mix of log,notify function
107898 log statement getting removed from sieve script if we move folder or disable/enable Filter rule
107899 Upgrade from 850 to 878 failing for RHEL6
107900 Existing zimbraMailSieveScript(set from backend) gets overridden if we create filter from UI

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