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Zimbra NG HSM - FAQ

Q: I only have 1 storage device on my Zimbra server. Would I get any benefit by using the Zimbra NG HSM?

A: Yes! Even with a single storage device, applying the HSM technicque will allow you to save precious disk space with no noticeable performance losses. Also, Zimbra NG HSM advanced store management tools will surely come handy should you choose to expand your server.

Q: Ok, but how much disk space will I be able to save?

A: It highly depends on the type of data contained in the Zimbra store, but usually anywhere between 30% and 50%.

Q: "How much does Zimbra NG Admin cost?"

A: You can ask for pricing on the [web form located here].

Q: "Is Zimbra NG HSM also available to buy as a stand-alone module?"

A: Zimbra NG HSM can be purchased stand-alone or inside the Zimbra NG Modules bundle

Q: "Can I use Zimbra NG HSM on Zimbra Network Edition?"

A: Yes, but you can't mix the Zimbra Network Edition features with its own ACL managment system and Zimbra NG Admin.

Q: "Can I use Zimbra NG HSM on Zimbra Network Edition?"

A: Yes, but read this paragraph before doing so.

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