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Zimbra NG Admin

Zimbra NG Admin

What is Zimbra NG Admin

Zimbra Next Generation (NG) Admin Module provides a simple and highly configurable domain admin set of ACLs to the Zimbra's Administration Console. Give domain Admin permission to any of your users and provide them full control of what they get to see and change, allowing them to act as an Administrator for their own domain(s).

Feature List

Major features of Zimbra NG Admin Module are:

  • Delegated Admin management.
  • Set Delegated Admins "View Mail" rights with a single click.
  • No external Administration Consoles.
  • Set the maximum quota that a Domain Admin can assign to any user.
  • Set an account limit for each domain in your Zimbra server.
  • Per-domain Class of Service management.
  • Per-domain mailbox quota management.
  • Monthly reports.
  • Admin Log Browsing.

Feature Limitation

  • Not customizable - NG Admin Module is focused on providing a simple way to manage your domain admins. For customers who need more complex ACL rules, we recommend not activating the module.

Things to know

  • This is not a recommended feature for customers with complex ACL Rules. (Large ISP and customers with highly customized admin team)
  • At this time the system does not support running Legacy and NG Admin rules at the same time
  • If NG Admin feature is enabled, existing Admin rights will be migrated. Any rights beyond domain admin with quota management and accounts view will be lost
  • There is no restore for legacy ACL rules.
  • If you decide that NG Admin rules do not meet your needs, you can revert back to the legacy rules but you will need to recreate all rules.

Module Activation

The Zimbra NG Admin module comes inside the Zimbra Network Edition as part of the Zimbra Next Generation Modules starting 8.8 and above.

Zimbra NG Admin Documentation

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Latest Version: 8.8

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