Zimbra NG Modules

Zimbra Collaboration NG Modules

Zimbra is now easier, faster, stronger, safer, smarter

Zimbra Network Edition now includes NG Modules which brings your most used functionalities to the next level, such as real-time hot backup and restore, advanced mobile push synchronization supporting shared resources, improved and easier Delegated Admin and a powerful HSM module supporting Amazon S3.

Zimbra Collaboration NG Modules: Easier, Faster, Stronger, Safer, Smarter

Zimbra Collaboration NG Modules improves four of the most used modules, and brings the NG Admin Tools to your fingertips.

  • Zimbra NG Backup: Features a cutting-edge, real-time engine that backs up every single item and event on your Zimbra server with split-second precision. Avoids data loss by using atomic and ever-consistent algorithms, while still saving disk space thanks to an intelligent de-duplication and compression system.
  • Zimbra NG Admin: Global Admin can grant Delegated Admin rights to users on your server using a simplified administrator user interface. With minimal effort, you can grant user management tasks, such as setting quotas, user limits and modifying COS variables for your domain(s).
  • Zimbra NG HSM: Manage multiple volumes and HSM policies through the Zimbra Collaboration NG HSM Module. With an integrated user interface into your Zimbra Administration Console, the HSM Module gives you the tools to organize and manage your storage effectively.
  • Zimbra NG Mobile: With the advance integration, now your users can sync their primary and shared folders to their mobile devices while administrators have an advanced interface to manage policies and devices.
  • Things To Know Before Upgrading: Before upgrading, be prepared, understand what will change and recommended methods on how to upgrade or migrate to a new system.

Zimbra NG Modules


Latest Version: 8.8

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