Zimbra Mobile Architecture

Zimbra Mobile Architecture

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Zimbra Mobile is an over-the-air synchronization program for mobile data access using the native software/interface installed on the user’s device. Zimbra Mobile is compatible with Windows® Mobile (WM5), Symbian S60/S80, and Palm smartphones.

The ActiveSync™ protocol is used to configure and sync the Zimbra mailbox server with the native client that is used on a user’s device.

The following diagram shows the flow of data from the server to the mobile.

Zimbra Mobile Architecture.png

The diagram conveys how the native mobile device application software syncs with the Zimbra mailbox server using Activesync™.

  1. The user’s client connects to the Internet using the ActiveSync™ protocol for syncing with the Zimbra Mailbox Server. Users should configure the following information:
    • The Zimbra mailbox server address
    • The user’s username as configured on the account
    • The user’s Zimbra mailbox domain name
  2. The protocol goes through the reverse proxy if it is present in the path.
  3. It then connects to the user’s Zimbra account mailbox server.
  4. The mailbox server accesses the LDAP server to verify and authenticate the user’s credentials before allowing a connection.

Once the authentication is complete, the steps described on http://wiki.zimbra.com/index.php?title=Mobile_Device_Setup are implemented to sync the user’s Zimbra mailbox to their mobile device.

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