Zimbra Jabber Integration

Attention.png - This article is NOT official Zimbra documentation. It is a user contribution and may include unsupported customizations, references, suggestions, or information.

This article describes the steps to setup openfire and sparkweb to be used as the XMPP server and the client.

Required RPM's (download from http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/index.jsp)


Other requirements:

Servers :
 Zimbra Server: zimbra.zimbra-se.lab (
 Jabber Server: jabber.zimbra-se.lab (
Ensure that the DNS is configured and can be used even from the local web-browser
Zimbra LDAP binddn and password

1. Install the RPM and start the openfire process

  Default path - /opt/openfire
  /etc/init.d/openfire start
  Admin console listening at:
  Use the following screens shots as reference :

Menu1.jpg Menu2.jpg Menu3.jpg Menu4.jpg Menu5.jpg Menu6.jpg Menu7.jpg Menu8.jpg Menu9.jpg Menu10.jpg Menu11.jpg

2. Configure your favorite XMPP client to talk to the Jabber Server.

3. Configure the Sparkweb for a XMPP Web Client

  tar zxvf sparkweb_0_9_0.tar.gz
  cd sparkweb/
  Edit the file SparkWeb.html
  Search for the line - server: "igniterealtime.org" 
  Change the server to the current server - server: "jabber.zimbra-se.lab"
  Copy the entire sparkweb directory to a web-server
  Eg: /var/www/html/sparkweb
  Rename SparkWeb.html to index.html
  Restart httpd
  Test using http://server:port/sparkweb

4. Create the zimlet for showing sparkweb in the ZWC

  Use the com_zimbra_example_tabiframe zimlet
  Change all references of example_tabiframe to spark (for example)
  Edit the com_zimbra_spark.js
  Replace www.yahoo.com with jabber.zimbra-se.lab:8088/sparkweb
  Re-package the files and deploy com_zimbra_spark.zip


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