Zimbra Desktop Feature Comparison

Zimbra Desktop Feature Comparison

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Note: For information about recent releases of Zimbra Desktop, see the Zimbra Desktop section on the Wiki Main Page

Feature Comparison with Competing Products

Zimbra Desktop Outlook Thunderbird
Cross Platform Windows, Mac OS, Linux Windows Only Windows, Mac OS, Linux and more
Cost Free Commercial License Free
Open Source 100% No 100%
Support Enterprise Collaboration Server Zimbra Collaboration Suite Microsoft Exchange Server No
Identical UI as Enterprise Collaboration Server Web UI Yes No No
Integrated Calendar Yes Yes Via Lightning extension, not production quality
Corporate Address Book Yes Yes No
Documents, Tasks and Briefcase Yes Tasks only No
Groupware Sharing and Delegation Yes Yes No
Yahoo! Mail Support Yes No Via WebMail extension, not production quality
Yahoo! Address Book Support Yes No No
Yahoo! Calendar Support Yes No No
Gmail Mail Support Yes Yes Yes
Google Address Book Support Yes No No
Google Calendar Support Yes No No
Windows Live Mail Support Yes Yes Via WebMail extension, not production quality
Windows Live Address Book Support Yes Yes No
POP3 Support Yes Yes Yes
IMAP4 Support Yes Yes Yes
Email Address Auto Complete Yes Yes Only previously mailed contacts
Drag and Drop from Desktop Yes No No
Support Tagging All Data Types Yes No No
Conversation View Across Folders Yes No No
Usable When Offline Yes Yes Yes
Seamless Online/Offline Transition Yes Yes No
Access All Data Offline Yes Does not download all data by default Does not download all data by default
Manage Multi-GB Mailboxes Yes Slow Slow
Search across Multi-GB Data Index based, fast Limited and slow Limited and slow
New Mail Notification Yes Limited Limited
Themes and Colors Yes No Yes
Auto Update Yes Yes Yes
Extensibility Zimlets Plugins Extensions

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