Zimbra Desktop 7.0 Beta 2 Release Notes

Zimbra Desktop Beta 2 - Release Notes

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Release Overview

This release note refers to the Zimbra Desktop 7.0 Beta 2 release. Zimbra Desktop is a free and open source email client application that gives you online and offline access to all your email accounts in one place. It's cross-platform, available on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Zimbra Desktop works with many types of email systems to synchronize email, contacts and calendar data between user's mailboxes in the cloud and local data stored on your computer disk. While synchronization requires network connectivity, Zimbra Desktop can be used offline when the user's computer is not connected to the network.

You can download Zimbra Desktop 7.0 Beta 2 here: http://www.zimbra.com/downloads/zd-betas-downloads.html

Important: Zimbra Desktop 7.0 cannot be downgraded to Zimbra Desktop 2.0.x. We strongly recommend users backup their accounts using the export function, especially backup POP accounts and Local Folders, before running Zimbra Desktop 7.0 Beta 2.

Important: Mac OS X 10.5.x ("Leopard") is not supported by Zimbra Desktop 7.0. Zimbra Desktop can only be installed on MAC OS X 10.6.x ("Snow Leopard").

Below lists some of the feature enhancements and bug fixes included with Zimbra Desktop 7.0 Beta 2. For more detailed information, see Media:Zimbra Desktop 7.0 Beta 2 User Interface Changes.pdf‎ and Zimbra Bugzilla.

Bug Fixes

  • Use Zimbra Desktop Client as default Email client in Linux. (Bug 33042)
  • Better failure handling for remote folders that cannot be deleted. (Bug 38384)
  • Desktop suddenly bounces user to Acct Setup page. (Bug 41083)
  • Tag search on calendar throws NO_SUCH_TAG exception. (Bug 44195)
  • Error in opening tinymce editor in shared briefcase. (Bug 45131)
  • Need to enable Request Read Receipt for non-zimbra accounts. (Bug 45807)
  • Latest email attacher Zimlet does not work on ZD. (Bug 49087)
  • Option to ask for read receipt not available. (Bug 50102)
  • Should explicitly state that ia32-libs required on Debian/Ubuntu x86-64. (Bug 50602)
  • Unable to accept Shared Modified email on ZD. (Bug 51449)
  • Installing a Zimlet and pressing NO on the "reloading dialog" breaks further uploads. (Bug 52855)
  • Attached text file gets dropped in outbound Yahoo mail. (Bug 53209)
  • Failure communicating with remote server. IMAP can't sync to some folders. (Bug 53477)
  • IMAP resync after UIDVALIDITY change accumulates messages when it fails. (Bug 53480)
  • Unable to delete/mark read messages. (Bug 54190)
  • Zimbra is stuck loading forever when trying to connect to an Exchange server with abundance of public folders. (Bug 54935)
  • IMAP assertion error when editing account preferecnces if sync is occuring at the same time. (Bug 55104)
  • Cannot hard delete tasks in Trash folder. (Bug 55343)
  • SQLite error when searching recurring events by subject. (Bug 55596)
  • Error message for account setup using Microsoft Exchange. (Bug 55851)
  • ZD not starting on FC13 if SELinux is enabled. (Bug 56047)
  • Can't view some messages. (Bug 56048)
  • Wrong icon shown next to Zimlets in tree view. (Bug 56053)
  • An unknown error (account.TOO_MANY_TRUSTED_SENDERS) has occurred. (Bug 56105)
  • Script error occurs when user tries to navigate from one tab to another. (Bug 56113)
  • Need to add copyright to about screen. (Bug 56146)
  • Launching pdf file in a separate window under Briefcase tab, is showing HTTP 500 Error. (Bug 56190)
  • Error occurs when user open email in new window. (Bug 56230)
  • User Account name is not displayed in Task/Calendar print preview. (Bug 56234)
  • Need to disable a few context menu items for Junk and Trash. (Bug 56238)
  • ZD hangs after upgrade. (Bug 56292)
  • Cannot add Linkedin account: oauth_problem=consumer_key_unknown. (Bug 56327)
  • Network service error occurs on moving a file from briefcase across accounts. (Bug 56361)
  • Assertion error from document sync. (Bug 56371)
  • Possible NO_SUCH_FOLDER after purge. (Bug 56376)
  • Delete button does not work in new window. (Bug 56385)
  • Browse button for attaching vcard in signature not working. (Bug 56389)
  • Can't open trash in Calendar. (Bug 56404)
  • Update Application Logo. (Bug 56441)
  • Unable to sync default identity which has been renamed. (Bug 56453)
  • Local folders not recognized by search function. (Bug 56469)
  • Backups not occuring on schedule. (Bug 56503)
  • 'Add Attachment' do not identify Zimlet's tab label. (Bug 56532)
  • SoapEngine exceptions not logged during account setup. (Bug 56546)
  • Unable to sync account if signature contains UTF-8 content. (Bug 56547)
  • OrgChart Zimlet does not work on ZD 7. (Bug 56665)
  • New Vmware Zimbra Desktop splash screen poorly formatted. (Bug 56674)
  • Zimbra accounts often show incorrect offline status. (Bug 56686)
  • Directory sync fails to sync filter rules with ZCS 6.0. (Bug 56699)
  • Create tag on 30-min apt hids apt. (Bug 56811)
  • Need to sync GAL the same way as syncing mailbox. (Bug 56858)
  • Empty trash not pushed immediately. (Bug 56957)
  • Briefcase Checkin is broken. (Bug 57088)
  • ‘Reply’,’Reply to All’ and ‘Forward’ buttons are not working properly for launch in a separate window button. (Bug 57117)
  • When DnD a message, message shows at top in yellow. (Bug 57160)
  • Email attacher Zimlet can only attach contact from default account (first account). (Bug 57219)
  • Missing permissions info for shared Calendar and Briefcase folders. (Bug 57255)

Known Issues

The following are known issues in Zimbra Desktop 7.0 Beta 2:

  • Unable to expand Distribution Lists using the auto-complete feature or email bubbles. (Bug 56516)
  • Preferences (headers, prefix, signatures) are not working correctly when composing text in a new window. (Bug 46319)
  • Printing shared items does not work properly. (Bug 51451)
  • WebEx Zimlet generates account setup error. (Bug 57497)
  • Address bubbles do not disable when "Show email addresses in bubbles" is unchecked. (Bug 56914)

More Information

For more information about Zimbra Desktop, see the FAQ's at http://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/Zimbra_Desktop_7_FAQ

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