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How to configure an XMPP client with Zimbra Chat

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Zimbra Chat integrates an IM server and client into Zimbra, the world’s most popular Open Source Collaboration platform. Now your business can harness chat from within the communication tool they use the most - email. Your users can communicate within the Zimbra Web Client, and desktop and mobile users can connect via XMPP. Zimbra Chat works out-of-the-box! Enable the Zimbra Chat Zimlet, and your users are ready to start chatting.

How it works

Zimbra Chat includes a server extension which creates a XMPP Server inside Zimbra Collaboration, allowing the users to communicate between them using this XMPP server. As Zimbra Chat is a pure open and standard XMPP Server, users can benefit of connect to Zimbra Chat using their favorite XMPP Desktop or Mobile applications.

On this illustration you can see how Zimbra users, internal Desktop, and external devices altogether connect trough Zimbra Chat to deliver a secure and private 1/1 text chat conversations:



Before performing a configuration these prerequisites must be fulfilled:

  • A working Zimbra Collaboration 8.7.6 or higher version Environment
  • Knowledge and understanding of your network infrastructure setup, especially in regard to your Firewall and DNS settings
  • Access to DNS management to create the required DNS settings
  • Access to Firewall management to enable required communication between the user and the Zimbra server/s
  • Optional - A commercial certificate matching the certificate requirements described below

Mac OS X


Adium is one of the best XMPP client for Mac OS X, it's free and open source, and you can download it from here.

Open Adium and go to the Accounts view, or if new, go to File > Add Account > XMPP


On Jabber ID, introduce your full email address and your password and click in the Options tab


On Connection Server introduce the FQDN of your Zimbra Server, keep the default port, 5222, if your Email Administrator haven't told you the opposite, and check Require SSL/TLS, and you might want to check Do strict certificate checks if you are using a Commercial SSL


You can go back and connect your account, after a few seconds you will see that now it's online:


You can start your 1/1 conversations, configure your presence, etc:



Steps on how to configure Windows coming soon


Steps on how to configure Linux coming soon


Steps on how to configure iOS coming soon


Steps on how to configure Android coming soon

Identified Support Issues

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Zimbra Chat


Latest Version: 8.7.6

  • Released on: Not launched yet *early status*
  • Changelog
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Zimbra Chat Resources

Here you can find useful resources for your Zimbra Chat environment

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