Zimbra REST API Reference:Export Mailbox

Zimbra REST API Reference - Export Mailbox

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REST API Method: Export Mailbox

Exports the entire contents of a mailbox.



Go to Command Format

HTTP Method



zip,tar,tgz (Go to Response Formats)

Requires Authentication

true (Go to Authentication)


  • fmt. Required. The response format.
  • query. Optional. A query string.
  • meta. Optional. Use meta=1 to include meta files, meta=0 to not include meta files. If omitted, defaults to meta=1 if format is tar or tgz, and defaults to meta=0 if format is zip.

Usage Examples

Retrieve the mailbox for "john.doe" as Compressed TAR format (the Trash and Spam folders are excluded unless the options zimbraPrefIncludeTrashInSearch and zimbraPrefIncludeSpamInSearch are enabled):


Retrieve the entire mailbox for "john.doe" as Compressed TAR format:


Retrieve the entire mailbox for "john.doe" as ZIP format:


Retrieve the inbox content (only) for "john.doe" as ZIP format:


Retrieve the inbox content (inbox + all sub-folders) for "john.doe" as ZIP format:


Verified Against: Zimbra Collaboration Server 7.0 Date Created: 01/16/2010
Article ID: https://wiki.zimbra.com/index.php?title=Zimbra_REST_API_Reference:Export_Mailbox Date Modified: 2015-07-13

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