Verify LDAP password

Verify LDAP Password

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  • We can use below commands to verify LDAP passwords.
source ~/bin/zmshutil; zmsetvars
ldapwhoami -ZZ -x -D uid=zmamavis,cn=appaccts,cn=zimbra -H ldap://`zmhostname`:389 -w $ldap_amavis_password
ldapwhoami -ZZ -x -D uid=zmbes-searcher,cn=appaccts,cn=zimbra -H ldap://`zmhostname`:389 -w $ldap_bes_searcher_password
ldapwhoami -ZZ -x -D uid=zmnginx,cn=appaccts,cn=zimbra -H ldap://`zmhostname`:389 -w $ldap_nginx_password
ldapwhoami -ZZ -x -D uid=zmpostfix,cn=appaccts,cn=zimbra -H ldap://`zmhostname`:389 -w $ldap_postfix_password
ldapwhoami -ZZ -x -D cn=config -H ldap://`zmhostname`:389 -w $ldap_root_password
ldapwhoami -ZZ -x -D uid=zimbra,cn=admins,cn=zimbra -H ldap://`zmhostname`:389 -w $zimbra_ldap_password
ldapwhoami -ZZ -x -D uid=zmreplica,cn=admins,cn=zimbra -H ldap://`zmhostname`:389 -w $ldap_replication_password

Submitted by: Keshav Gaur
Verified Against: ZCS 8.8 Date Created: 2021-09-22
Article ID: Date Modified: 2021-09-22

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