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Zimbra doesn't seem to have good ways of counting users by COS or domains. I've written a couple of scripts to make that easier. Be warned that these can take a long time to run if you have a lot of users

The following script will generate a report of total users in each COS. This may be useful for Zimbra customers who are billed based on accounts with different feature levels:


account_list=`zmprov gaa`

for cos_name in `zmprov gac` ; do
        cos_id=`zmprov gc $cos_name | grep zimbraId | cut -f2 -d\ `
        for account in $account_list ; do
                account_cos_id=`zmprov ga $account | grep $cos_id | cut -f2 -d\ `
                if [ "$account_cos_id" = "$cos_id" ] ; then
                        let cos_count=cos_count+1
        echo "$cos_name has $cos_count accounts." >> $tmpfile

cat $tmpfile
rm -f $tmpfile
Verified Against: ZCS 4.5 Date Created: 12/8/2006
Article ID: Date Modified: 2015-03-24

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