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User migration Maximum file upload size

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Maximum File Upload Size

By default, messages over 10 MB are not imported during the migration process.

Message size includes the original message and any attachments. All attachments go through a MIME-encoding process, if they are not already encoded. MIME-encoding adds to the size of the original attachment. If a message is larger than 10 MB, a warning is logged to the Migration Wizard log. You can view the log file from the Import Complete dialog when the migration is complete.

Changing the Maximum File Upload Size

In order to import messages larger than 10 MB, you must configure the maximum file upload size for both the Migration Wizard and the Zimbra server. The following steps show you how to configure the Migration Wizard and the Zimbra server in order to change your maximum file upload size.

To change the maximum file upload size:

1. Determine the new maximum file upload size for messages being imported during migration.
Important: Importing messages that are larger than Tomcat’s available contiguous memory may cause Tomcat to crash during your migration. If you are experiencing a dropped server connection or a Tomcat crash during your migration, you may need to set your maximum file upload size to a smaller size. For more information about this, see Server Connection Dropped During Migration in User Migration Troubleshooting.
2. On the machine running the Migration Wizard, modify the HKCU\Software\Zimbra\MaxAttachSizeMB registry key to specify the new maximum file upload size (in MB).
3. Go to the Global Settings>MTA tab in the Administration Console. Under the Messages section, set the Maximum size of an uploaded file (kb) to the new maximum file upload size (in KB).

Note that these values are configured on two different scales (client setting in MB, and server setting in KB).

You are now finished setting the maximum message size for user migration.

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