Updating BES - Blackberry Server's Windows Server Password

After an update of the BES Server Windows password, sync between the Zimbra server and devices may stop. In addition to modifying the password, the following steps need to be executed

  • Stop BB controller
  • Change current user’s windows password
  • Restart OS
  • Go to ‘mail profiles’. Open up properties of “BlackBerryManager” profile and proceed to “Zimbra Server Configuration Settings” panel. Please enter correct admin password on this panel, hit <ok> to make sure that connection to Zimbra server worked
  • Repeat procedure described in previous step for “BlackBerryServer” profile
  • Install mfcmapi utility
  • Go to Profile->ShowProfiles, Profiles panel will open up, choose “BlackBerryServer” profile, Services panel will open up
  • In Services panel -> choose primary ‘LSMS’ service. In list of the properties for this service find property 0x66420102. Copy binary value of this property into the clipboard
  • Modify the value of the same property(0x66420102) for all remaining ‘LSMS_Secondary’ services with one obtained on the previous step
  • Go to Windows Services and modify Logon password for all BlackBerry related services to the new one
  • Restart OS
  • Verify that email service is restored

The procedure also recommends running handheldcleanup.exe.

  • Stop BB controller
  • E:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Utility>HandheldCleanup.exe -u
  • Start BB Controller

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