Translation and Moderation

Language Translation and Moderation


The following are best practices for maintaining and creating new translations for Zimbra Collaboration Suite. Language Moderators make sure these best practices are maintained, monitor the Forums, and ensure edits are converging on the right file. Languages need to be updated with each release of ZCS.

Translation Steps:

  1. Moderators notify team members (via email, PM, etc) new updates will be needed and by when (e.g for next beta).
  2. Moderator / language team compare the current English files with the current translation
    1. For checking diffs, StephanD has created a script tool
  1. Team agrees on division of work and provides the new strings to the Moderator
    1. If the language is double byte, Moderator runs a script to normalize the strings (use the "native2ascii" tool that is shipped with the JDK to convert the files).
    2. Correct version, date, and copyright info should also be included.
    3. Moderator confirms all tasks are done on the [Translation Checklist]
  2. Once the translation is complete, Moderator posts the new version in their language Forum thread
  3. Next, Zimbra Lanaguage Wiki and Translation Table (below) should be updated
    1. Moderator runs the 'stating' tool (ships with the JDK) which generates approximate completness statistics. Moderator inserts these statistics on the main Language Wiki page.
    2. Provide pointer to latest version in the Forums
    3. Update version number and date
    4. Update latest contributors
  4. Zimbra team will place the new translation in SVN (or Moderator may do this depending on when we can get access set up).

Language / version naming conventions: more to come...

Current Moderator List

We encourage those who want to participate making translations to contact the language Moderator (or the Zimbra team if there is not moderator assigned). Moderators should have an email / PM listed.

How to become a moderator: First, you must be a Forum member and fill in a contribution agreement. Send the agreement to the Zimbra Team and once approved we will can updated the Moderator info and get started!

The current moderators can be seen in the Translations table. Their Forum ID will contain an "*".

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