Listing accounts on a server: zmprov sa zimbraMailHost=`zmhostname`

Skinning Notes

> 1. Remove the "launch in separate window" button > 2. Remove the "print button" on the inbox view

This would be an extreme hack because we would need to expose this functionality in the source. I would recommend submitting a request for enhancement.

> 3. Remove the folder column by default (user can turn it on) > 5. Remove message status column by default (user can turn it on)

The list view columns are saved in a user preference called zimbraPrefListViewColumns. This is saved when the user ends their session (e.g. logs out). Here is an example SOAP request after hiding the From column:

 <ModifyPrefsRequest xmlns="urn:zimbraAccount">
   <pref xmlns="" name="zimbraPrefListViewColumns">

The "CLV" is the ID of the listview -- in this case it stands for "Conversation List View". Then the order of the columns is specified after the colon and are separated by a pipe character. If a column ID is followed by an asterisk, that means that the column is hidden.

So if you want to change this for all users, set the pref value on the COS. For example:

 zmprov modifyCos {cos-name} zimbraPrefListViewColumns "..."

Here's a list of the column IDs for convenience:

 se  Selection checkbox
 ex  Expand triangle
 fg  Flag icon
 pr  Priority icon
 tg  Tag icon
 st  Status icon
 fr  From
 at  Attachment icon
 su  Subject
 fo  Folder
 sz  Size
 dt  Received date

> 4. Change "Received" column to "Date"

Change the message in the skin's file. For example:

 # file: /opt/zimbra/jetty/webapps/zimbra/skins/{skin}/messages/
 received = Date

> 6. Replace the user's first/last name in upper left with the phrase: > Storage Quota > 7. Remove link to "Standard Version"

Add the appropriate skin template to the skin's templates. In addition, each new template file needs to be added to the <templates> section of the skin's manifest.xml file.

For the changes to work, the templates must be compiled. The compilation is done as part of the skin deploy process. You can either run zmskindeploy or look at that script in /opt/zimbra/bin/ to see how it is invoked manually.

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