To enable interdomain communication with prefilled contact-lists(rosters)

To enable interdomain communication with prefilled contact-lists (rosters)


To enable interdomain communication with prefilled contact-lists (rosters)


In case you want to communicate between users on a Multi-Tenancy Zimbra-Installation across domains, you have two options how to achieve this :


Fill up the distribution lists correctly

To display other domain's users, you need to fullfill the following requirements :

  • To be able to see other domain's users, they need to be in a distribution list of your domain, which puts them into your roster, when the name suits your ldap-filer, which per default is set to all.
  • to see their online state, the other domain's user must have your account in its roster as well, meaning your account must be member of a distribution list in their domain.

This can be done by adding the remote domain users in the distribution list where your account is member in or, when you like to have them in another group, create another dl, named _<desired-groupname>@yourdomain.tld and add the remote domain accounts there.

The same must be done with your domain's accounts to a distribution-list of the remote domain, which then will appear a group in the remote domain users contact list.


let's assume we have and as domains with the two example users :

To see each other in the contact list, a setup could look like this:

|Distribution-list           |  member            |
|           | |
|	     |   |
|   |   |
|   | |

This way you have the users grouped in the contact-lists per domain.


Extent ldap-search to assemble the roster beyond own domain

  • Assuming again we have the two domains:
  • Modify the two files:
sudo vi /etc/prosody/conf.d/
sudo vi /etc/prosody/conf.d/
  • Look for the line
ldap_base =

and replace the value by a comon sub-domain. Since your domains have nothing in common, except the "com", just replace in each config file that value by "dc=com" or just "" to cover all domains on the zimbra-environment.

For, replace




after saving the file(s), just apply the changes by restarting prosody:

sudo service prosody restart

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