Testing: Selenium: ZimbraSelenium Interview

General Information

The Zimbra Selenium Interview is an interview test given to prospective candidates for QA Engineer positions.

The main purpose of the test is gauge candidates knowledge of relevant test methodologies and relevant test technologies, such as Java, TestNG, Selenium.


Candidates must address these problems and questions

  1. There are various compilation issues in the project. Fix them.
  2. The existing test cases should report: "Total tests run: 4, Failures: 0, Skips: 0". Fix the existing test cases.
  3. Implement Login03: "Verify the invalid password error message contains the text: 'The username or password is incorrect.'"
  4. Implement Login04: "Verify the copyright message contains the text: 'Copyright © 2005-2011'"
  5. What test cases would be required to test the login screen?
    1. Create a list of test case "objectives", which clearly state the intent of the tests
  6. There are various email messages in the mailbox. Create a test case to click on the message with subject = "interview"

Source Code

Source code is delivered to candidates by mail.


The source code has been tested using:

  • Operating System: Windows XP
  • Java: 1.6.0_24
  • Eclipse: Eclipse Version 3.2
  • Browsers: firefox, iexplore

Use these steps to load the test code into eclipse:

  1. Unpack the software into a folder
  2. Open ecplipse and set the workspace to the folder
  3. Add the java project
    1. Choose File -> New -> Java Project
    2. In the dialog, set Project Name: "ZSelenium"
    3. Click Finish


Use these steps to execute tests:

  1. Open build.xml
  2. In the Outline view:
    1. Right click on "Execute Tests"
    2. Choose Run As -> Ant Build


Project Layout

Project Structure

The following folders are located in the ZSelenium java project.

  • conf: contains configuration files for how the harness executes
  • jars: contains third party external jar files
  • src/java: contains java source code
  • build.xml: project ant build file

Java Structure

The following major packages are located in the ZimbraSelenium java project.

  • com.zimbra.qa.selenium.interview.main: utility classes
  • com.zimbra.qa.selenium.interview.tests: test classes

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