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This template is one of four templates that can be used to create tabs on a Wiki page. This is useful if you have a large amount of content spread out over multiple pages, and want readers to be able to quickly navigate through that content without having to leave the page they are on. The other three templates that must be used to create a heading tab are:

In order to use this template, type the following in the list of tabs, between the TabHeader and TabFooter templates:

{{Template:Tab2|<link to other page>}}

Repeat this for each other page in the set of pages you intend to link to. This template should be in the correct order in the list of tabs. For example:

 {{Template:Tab2|[[Required Materials]]}}

In this example, all other pages other than the current one (Configuration) use the Tab2 template in the list of tabs. You'll also notice that the tabs are listed in the order that the tabs should appear. When placing these templates on the other pages, this order should be kept the same, although the Tab1 template will move up and down the list, depending on what page the template list is being added to.

The basic design of this template was originally found at http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wikipedia:Tutorial/Header. The color and implementation have been altered for use in the Zimbra Wiki.

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