Setting Thresholds for Disk Monitoring

Setting Thresholds for Disk Monitoring

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The stats service in the Zimbra Collaboration Suite will monitor disk usage and alert the server admin account when usage on any mounted device hits a certain level. The admin guide reads:

Monitoring Disk Space

You should regularly review your disks capacity and when disks are getting full you should take preventative measures to maintain service. To alert administrators of low disk space, an email notification is sent to the admin account. The default is to send out warning alerts when the threshold reaches 85% and a critical alert when the threshold reaches 95%. You can change these values. Use zmlocalconfig to configure the disk warning thresholds.

• Warning alerts: zmdisklog_warn_threshold

• Critical alert: zmdisklog_critical_threshold

When starting services with zmcontrol, if the threshold is exceeded, a warning is displayed before the services are started. You should clean up your disk to free up space.

Viewing Current Local Configuration Values

Warning and Critical Thresholds

zmlocalconfig zmdisklog_warn_threshold
zmlocalconfig zmdisklog_critical_threshold

Admin Notification Account

Source The email address for the "From:" field in admin notifications.

zmlocalconfig smtp_source

Destination The email address for the "To:" field in admin notifications.

zmlocalconfig smtp_destination

Setting Thresholds

Configure disk monitoring thresholds using the '-e' flag for zmlocalconfig. For example, to set warnings to 90% and critical alerts to 98%:

zmlocalconfig -e zmdisklog_warn_threshold=90
zmlocalconfig -e zmdisklog_critical_threshold=98

Restart the Zimbra stat service for the new threshold values to take effect.

zmstatctl stop
zmstatctl start

Setting Interval

By default, zmstat-disk will run every 10 minutes and an e-mail will be sent to the admin account defined in smtp_destination. You can configure a new value by changing local variable zmstat_disk_interval with zmlocalconfig:

zmlocalconfig -e zmstat_disk_interval=3600

The default is 600 seconds. A zmstatctl stop/start is required. The max interval is 86400 seconds. Also see Bug 45900.

Verified Against: ZCS 6.0 Date Created: 6/14/2010
Article ID: Date Modified: 2015-07-12

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