Retaining Same Email Address after Migration

Retaining the same email addresses after migration keeps Calendar working

When you plan to migrate to ZCS, you can retain the existing domain name (; create a new domain name ( or create a new sub domain ( If users use ZCS Calendar and are not migrating at the same time, Zimbra recommends that the existing domain name be retained and configured on the ZCS server that is being migrated to. Then the email addresses of users will be the same email addresses when they migrate to ZCS.

Retaining the domain name and the full email address is important to keep the Calendaring applications on both the old and the new servers fully functional. Since meeting requests and appointments contain recipient information in the form of email addresses, when you migrate from one system to another, if the email addresses are not retained, the Calendar applications on both the old servers and on the new server may not function as desired.

Typical scenarios that show why this is important:

  • The organizer of a meeting is on the old system, some of the recipients have migrated to the new system. If the organizer of a meeting updates an existing appointment, to ensure that the updated information is received by the recipients on the new system, their full email address from the previous system must be retained.
  • An appointment was set up and then the organizer of an appointment has migrated to the new system. To be able to modify the appointment, the email address associated with the organizer’s appointment must match the organizer’s email address on the new system.
  • A meeting invitation has been sent out and before the recipients can reply some have migrated to the new system. To ensure that the invitation can be responded to successfully, the organizer and the recipients email addresses cannot change.
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