Reconfigure Zimbra Admin access for Zimbra Talk application server

Reconfigure Zimbra-Admin access for Zimbra-Talk application server

During the installation, you are prompted for the Zimbra admin, and in case you entered the wrong credentials there:

  • In case your Zimbra admin-account is not in the zimbra default domain, you eg. have to enter "admin@admindomain.tld" instead of "admin" only.
  • or you just entered the wrong password or changed that one later on you get this error.

To get this fixed, please execute on the talk-server's comand line:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure vnc-middleware

You are prompted at first if you want to reinstall your database:

  • choose No here!

The next steps are similar to the installation process:

1. Choose Zimbra access protocol
2. Zimbra hostname
3. Zimbra Admin UI Port
4. Zimbra Admin username: Here you have to enter in case of admin not in default domain "'admin@admindomain.tld"'
5. Zimbra Admin Password

Popup: Your middleware can not be installed/configured properly In debug-tools:

  • 401 (Unauthorized) error messages on requests to <zimbra-url>/VNCmiddleware/*

Zimbra-Admin account-name or credentials have changed. Talk application server cannot access the admin-ui anymore.

Submitted by: Raunaq Malik

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