Reading messages from store directly

How to read email messages from Zimbra store directly

If compression is not enabled you can copy .msg files from the default path /opt/zimbra/store (or what you have configured in Admin Console) to your local machine, rename them to .eml and open them in Thunderbird. If compression is not enabled, you can also read messages directly using nano or vi on the command line.

If compression is enabled you will see binary data when you open the file using nano or vi. To uncompress follow these steps:

  • Copy a test email to your local machine, example 303-212.msg
  • Rename it to 303-212.gz
  • Unzip using 'gunzip 303-212.gz'
  • Rename it to 303-212.eml
  • Open in Thunderbird.

Failure to use correct extension will prevent the use of gunzip and Thunderbird.

Note: small messages are never compressed

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