Outlook 2016 For Mac And EWS Setup

Outlook 2016 for Mac and EWS Setup

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Microsoft will release Office 2016 soon, this new Office have interesting new features:

  • The new apps offer full retina display.
  • The look and feel is the same like Ofice 2013 for Windows, or almost the same
  • Outlook 2016 supports now 100% Office 365, and only works with Exchange 2010 or above

System Requirements

To configure Outlook 2016 with EWS for Zimbra Collaboration need the next:

  • A valid EWS license - [1]
  • Zimbra Collaboration 8.5+

EWS Requires the Proxy service installed

Important note: EWS only works if you have the Proxy role installed and properly configured. If not, you will not be able to use the EWS feature, as Outlook try to connects for the port 443, more information in the next Bugs:

Please make sure you have Proxy installed before you try to configure your Outlook Clients in OS X

Open Outlook 2016 for Mac for the first time

First step, is open the Outlook 2016 app


Need to follow the welcome wizard



Next, press on Try it for free


Let checked the Update field, and uncheck the send feedback, you can read more about what information our computer send if you clik on the Privacy Statement link.


And, it's done!


Can import all the Outlook 2011 data, or just a .pst file, in this case, I've click on Not now.


Configure Outlook 2016 for Mac with Zimbra Collaboration using EWS

After open Outlook for the first time, it's empty.


Is time to configure the Zimbra Collaboration account. Click on Outlook > Preferences and now Click under Accounts


Click on the Exchange or Office 365 option.


If you have the DNS properly configured, just fill the E-mail address, and the Username and Password, you can also unmark the Configure automatically and introduce the IP or FQDN (after put the IP, EWS will autodiscover the FQDN, so the best thing is have the DNS properly configured and use always FQDN)


That's it, Outlook 2016 will sync everything in our account: Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks.


We can see the Outlook 2016 logo and the amount of unread messages:


Exploring the Contacts tab in Outlook 2016

One of the good news is that all the Contacts, with also the image, will be syncronized between Zimbra Collaboration and the Outlook 2016 for Mac.


Exploring the Tasks tab in Outlook 2016

All the Tasks will be syncronized as well, we can create one on the Outlook 2016 or in the Web Client, and they will sync between devices.


Exploring the Calendar tab in Outlook 2016

All the Appointments will be syncronized as well, we can create one on the Outlook 2016 or in the Web Client, and they will sync between devices.


Connecting a Shared Mail Folder from other user in Outlook 2016

We can connect to another Users Mail folders, if the User was previous shared with us the resource.

Just click on File > Open > Other User's Folder


Write the Username that we want to Connect, in this case User


We will be able to see all the emails located in the User account, in the Inbox Folder


Composing new Email in Outlook 2016

When we compose a new email message, we can select the username from who we want to send the email.


One of the good points here is the ability to paste a Full Excel content in HTML, like this for example:


And we will receive it very well in the Web Client, this was an issue in the previous Outlook.


How to enable logging in Outlook for Mac

Identified Support/Known Issues

Outlook 2016 crash after open it

If Outlook 2016 crash after the first open, please follow this steps:

  • Open Terminal
  • Type defaults delete com.microsoft.Outlook, to delete the old preferences
  • killall cfprefsd (to kill the cached prefs)
  • Launch Outlook

Shared Calendar

The ability to connect to a Shared Calendar doesn't work.

Sync the Signatures

The ability to Sync the Signatures between the Web Client and the Outlook 2016 doesn't work.

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