Not getting ZRT report

ZRT report not updating on Flexnet after upgrade to ZCS 8.8.x, 9.0

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After upgrade to ZCS 8.8.x we can not find the user data on the flexnet portal. The ZRT script, is executed properly but data does not gets populated on the portal. We find the below exception in zrt log.

2019-11-05 05:58:12,324 DEBUG [main] com.flexerasoftware.zimbra.ldap.ZimbraLicensesGroupStorage:390 : Accounts: 810
2019-11-05 05:58:12,862 INFO  [main] com.flexerasoftware.zimbra.util.CMSReportingUtil:225 : Posting Usage: SECount:1.0: Usage: 340
2019-11-05 05:58:12,862 INFO  [main] com.flexerasoftware.zimbra.util.CMSReportingUtil:228 : Posting Usage: PECount:1.0: Usage: 470
2019-11-05 05:58:12,862 INFO  [main] com.flexerasoftware.zimbra.util.CMSReportingUtil:231 : Posting Usage: BECount:1.0: Usage: 0
2019-11-05 05:58:12,863 INFO  [main] com.flexerasoftware.zimbra.util.CMSReportingUtil:234 : Posting Usage: BEPCount:1.0: Usage: 0
2019-11-05 05:58:12,863 INFO  [main] com.flexerasoftware.zimbra.util.CMSReportingUtil:237 : Posting Usage: EWSCount:1.0: Usage: 1
2019-11-05 05:58:12,891 INFO  [main] com.flexerasoftware.zimbra.util.CMSReportingUtil:273 : Sending Collected usage data to: AP678K4WLXAU
2019-11-05 05:58:12,892 INFO  [main] com.flexerasoftware.zimbra.util.CMSReportingUtil:274 : Posting to End point url:
2019-11-05 05:58:14,857 INFO  [main] com.flexerasoftware.zimbra.util.CMSReportingUtil:290 : Response posted
2019-11-05 05:58:14,858 INFO  [main] com.flexerasoftware.zimbra.ldap.ZimbraLicensesGroupStorage:30 : Writing out the mailboxes to file 'mailboxes.csv'."
2019-11-05 05:58:55,863 ERROR [main] com.flexerasoftware.zimbra.App:135 : An exception occurred during upload:java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unsupported protocolTLSv1.0 


This is an issue with unsupported TLSv1.0 which is still used by the script. We just need to specify the TLS version in the script to overcome this issue. Flexnet server after upgrade have stopped using TLSv1.0, v1.1. We need to make the following changes on the /opt/zrt/ script as below, so that we force zrt script to use TLS1.2

if which java >/dev/null; then
cd /opt/zrt && java -Dhttps.protocols=TLSv1.2 -jar /opt/zrt/ZimbraCMSClient.jar -p /opt/zrt/
if [ -z ${JAVA_HOME} ]
echo There was not a JAVA_HOME set. Please set a JAVA_HOME system variable.
cd /opt/zrt && ${JAVA_HOME}/bin/java -Dhttps.protocols=TLSv1.2 -jar /opt/zrt/ZimbraCMSClient.jar -p /opt/zrt/
Submitted by: Samrat Sarkar
Verified Against: ZCS 8.8 Date Created: 2020-05-29
Article ID: Date Modified: 2020-05-29

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