Multi Tenancy:Add new domain to an existing Zimbra-Talk installation

Multi Tenancy: Add new domain to an existing Zimbra-Talk installation


When installing Zimbra-Talk, the installer fetches all existing domains from the Zimbra LDAP and provides the option to use Zimbra-Talk for these domains. When a new domain is setup in Zimbra, after the Zimbra-Talk installation has been completed, it will not automatically provide Zimbra-Talk to that new domain as well.

Activate Zimbra-Talk for a new domain

  • To activate Zimbra talk for a newly created domain, you have to perform the following actions:

1).create the new domain in Zimbra, in this example it is called newdomain.tld

2).log into zimbra and execute, to generate a preAuthKey as user Zimbra:

zmprov gdpak newdomain.tld

Note: To check if a preAuthKey exists for a domain, execute:

zmprov gd <domain-name> zimbraPreAuthKey

3).Now login to the talk server and execute:

sudo /usr/share/ztalk/libexec/update-prosody-conf

4). Fetch the respective DNS-settings, which you need to add to your DNS-setup for the new domain from /etc/zimbra-talk/dns.d/, where you should have two new files, containing the additional DNS-configurations required for bind and dnsmasq. Just copy the content of the one you need:


5).Finally restart prosody service to apply the changes:

sudo service prosody restart.

6).Once users have been created, setup a distribution list for that domain and add all users of the new domain to it, which should have Zimbra-Talk available.

New domain created which does not have Zimbra-Talk available.
Setup an existing Zimbra-Talk installation for a new domain

Submitted by: Raunaq Malik

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