Move blobs to other server when the ldap is down/corrupted

Move blobs to other server when the ldap is down/corrupted

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Move blobs from one Zimbra server to another where mailbox IDs of accounts are different on both the servers.

Sometimes people just want their messages from an old/corrupted Zimbra mailbox, and here is the way we can do this. (In this scenario LDAP of the old box is not working but mysql is up. )


Get the account address with their Mailbox ID.

mysql -e "select comment,id from zimbra.mailbox;"

Find the blobs in /opt/zimbra/store/0/{mailboxID} directory

Example 1

| user@domain.coom | 2231 |

User BLOB Path

Copy the blobs to a tmp directory on the new machine, and add the blobs to the account on the new machine.

zmmailbox -z- -m addMessage /Inbox 310-100.msg
zmmailbox -z- -m addMessage /Inbox 320-200.msg

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