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Note: These instructions describe configuring IMAP access. To sync mail, calendar, and contacts with Zimbra Mobile, see Moble_Device_Setup and the Motorola Q guide to Setting up Microsoft® Exchange Server ActiveSync Email.

Here are the steps that need to be taken to setup a Moto Q with Verizon:

  • Go to (you should actually be able to do this from the phone's browser).
  • Click on sign up on the right of screen and send your password to your phone.
  • You will see a text message with a temporary password.
  • Go back to the web site and key the temporary password and change to the password you want. I don't think the rest of the mail setup on the web site is needed.
  • Now go to the Moto Q.
  • Go to start -> messaging
  • This next part is strange. Select any of the existing accounts, it

doesn't matter which one. Now click the menu button, then select options.

  • Now select New Account. For some reason, it takes a few seconds for
  • the Email Setup screen to appear, so be patient.

Screen 1

   • Fill in your full name
   • Fill in full email address
   • Uncheck the automatic setup
   • Hit next

Screen 2

   • Fill in your zimbra user name followed by a /wm (for example, guest/wm)
   • Fill in zimbra password
   • Leave domain blank
   • Hit next

-Zimbra user comment- this looks like settings for IMAP, not for mobile sync.

Screen 3

   • Change server type to IMAP4
   • Change account name to a name of your choosing
   • Set Network to Internet
   • Hit Next

Screen 4

   • Set Incoming Server to the external address of your Zimbra server
   • Check the box for Require SSL connection
   • Set Outgoing Server to
   • Check the box that the Outgoing server requires authentication
   • Go into Outgoing Server Settings
   • Check the box that says "Use different use name for outgoing server"
   • Under username, use <cell phone number> (for example ).
   • In the password box, fill in your Verizon password.
   • Check the box to save the password
   • Make sure that the require SSL box is not checked
   • Click Done, then next

Screen 5

   • Personal preference here
   • Hit finish

It will ask if you want to connect. Click yes, then enter the password you obtained from the Verizon web site above. It won't ask for it again. You should be working now.

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