Managed account by multiple users using ZCO and ZCS sharing features

Managed Account by Multiple Users using ZCO and ZCS Sharing Features

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This Article describes the steps to configure an account that is managed by a number of users using the outlook connector and the ZCS shared features.


Distribution List Configuration

The first step is to create a distribution list that will be used to manage the account permissions. The benefit of using this method will allow administrator to create the grants to the account once and provide the ability to grant and remove access to the account by adding or removing users from the DL. This also allows the ability to provide a user manager rights and access to manage the list from their web client.

Create a distribution list (DL) using a name that matches shared email accounts. For example:

For, I recommend


Create the email address of the DL:


Add users to the DL:


Recommended configuration for the DL

  • Select Hide in GAL
  • Select Notify new members of available shares


If you like to assign a non-administrator the ability to manage the list, you will add the user to the Owners list. This will provide the user to access the list configuration within their web client under contact. (More information in the following section).


Save the changes.

Configuring Distribution List to Account

Once the Distribution list has been created, the list needs to be added to the account to provide permission. The following steps needs to be preformed using the command line:

Configure full account share to the DL by running

zmmailbox -z -m mfg / account rwixd

Provide DL send as rights

zmprov grr account use sendAs

Client Configuration

Once this has been configured a welcome message will be send to each user and they can accept the share from the web client. They also can accept the share by selecting Preferences => Share. The user should see a share request from the account within the first section. For example:

Managedaccount-006.png ~ Managedaccount-007.png

Selecting accept will mount the profile to the web client.

The ZCO client will recognize the share account and mount the account as a secondary profile.

To be able to send out using the email address of the shared account, the user will need to create a persona by selecting the Zimbra Tab, Selecting Personas


Then they will need to select add and create a persona using the shared account email address. This also can be created within the Zimbra Web Client. The following is a screenshot of the configuration window within Outlook.


Without creating the persona and selecting it when sending from the shared account the user will receive an NDR reporting cannot send on the behalf of.

Managing DL from User account

Once a user has manager rights to a DL, they can manage it within their own account. To do this the user will need to log into their web client, select the Contacts Tab the Distribution Lists:


Right Click on the Distribution list and select Edit Distribution List:


If this is grayed out, then the user does not have ownership of the list. The user then will be able to add members to the List by locating them within the GAL and selecting add:


The user also has the ability to modify Distribution list Properties like who can send to the list and ownership.

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