List of accounts with their last password change date

List of accounts with their last password change date

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CLI method for extracting a list of all accounts with their last password change date.


You can use the 'zmprov sa' for this:

  • First get a list of all the users of the domain along with all of their attributes:
zmprov sa -v "mail=*"
  • Then filter out the 'zimbraPasswordModifiedTime', like so:
zmprov sa -v "mail=*" | egrep '^mail:|zimbraPasswordModifiedTime:|^$'

The password modified time is in the format: year, month, date, hours, minutes and seconds: yyyyMMddHHmmssZ

Example of the output:

zimbraPasswordModifiedTime: 20150622194134Z


zimbraPasswordModifiedTime: 20150622194207Z

zimbraPasswordModifiedTime: 20150622194157Z

zimbraPasswordModifiedTime: 20150622194220Z

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