List all persona of a user

List all persona of a user

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  • If we need to list all persona of the user we can use below command.
zmprov -l gid
  • Here is an Example
zmprov -l gid
# name User10
objectClass: zimbraIdentity
zimbraCreateTimestamp: 20211225093146.012Z
zimbraPrefDefaultSignatureId: ad6f7a39-3462-44ca-8ba5-2a7007e40e95
zimbraPrefForwardReplySignatureId: ad6f7a39-3462-44ca-8ba5-2a7007e40e95
zimbraPrefFromAddressType: sendAs
zimbraPrefFromDisplay: user10
zimbraPrefIdentityId: 97ea872f-aae5-4e4e-b0aa-966fd09376ca
zimbraPrefIdentityName: User10
zimbraPrefReplyToEnabled: FALSE
zimbraPrefWhenInFoldersEnabled: FALSE
zimbraPrefWhenSentToEnabled: FALSE

# name DEFAULT
zimbraCreateTimestamp: 20210510123050.356Z
zimbraPrefDefaultSignatureId: 1c94e935-7bc8-4d21-99b7-2b74d9f59720
zimbraPrefForwardIncludeOriginalText: includeBody
zimbraPrefForwardReplyFormat: same
zimbraPrefForwardReplyPrefixChar: >
zimbraPrefForwardReplySignatureId: 1c94e935-7bc8-4d21-99b7-2b74d9f59720
zimbraPrefIdentityId: 8e8c7bd7-160a-41bc-80e8-f81ce1e5b795
zimbraPrefIdentityName: DEFAULT
zimbraPrefMailSignature: Thanks & Regards
User Test
zimbraPrefMailSignatureStyle: outlook
zimbraPrefReplyIncludeOriginalText: includeBody
zimbraPrefReplyToEnabled: FALSE
zimbraPrefSaveToSent: TRUE
zimbraPrefSentMailFolder: sent
zimbraPrefWhenInFoldersEnabled: FALSE
zimbraPrefWhenSentToEnabled: FALSE

Submitted by: Keshav Gaur
Verified Against: ZCS 8.8 Date Created: 2022-01-13
Article ID: Date Modified: 2022-01-19

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