LDAP Apple Mail/Address Book

Open either Mail.app or Apple Address Book

  • For Mail.app: Preferences -> Composing -> 'Configure LDAP...'
  • For Address Book: Preferences -> Accounts -> Add New -> Account Type -> LDAP

Then enter the information for your Zimbra server

  • Name - Enter an name
  • Server - Enter your Zimbra Server hostname
  • Search Base - Enter your domain like "dc=example,dc=com"
  • Port - Enter 389 for standard, 636 and check 'Use SSL' if you have OpenLDAP in SSL mode.
  • Scope - Subtree

For Authentication enter your Zimbra user name and password, such as "uid=account,ou=people,dc=zqa-061,dc=eng,dc=vmware,dc=com". Note: Anonymous lookup is not allowed. Lookup is executed against the GAL and not personal contact book.

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