If you must use rsync copying data from oldHostname to newHostname, you can use rsync's exclude directive.

For example, you many want to exclude the /opt/zimbra/data/ldap/mdb/db/data.mdb file.

rsync -av --exclude '*.mdb*' /opt/zimbra  root@newHostname:/opt/zimbra

Rsync may see the data.mdb's file size as a sparse file, that is created to be the same size as the DB maxsize. i.e., there will be a data.mdb file on disk that appears to be 80GB in size. See,

You may also want to exclude the mysql's ib_logfiles too, as these tend to be large as well.

rsync -av --exclude '*.mdb*' --exclude '*ib_logfile*' --exclude 'ibdata1' /opt/zimbra  root@newHostname:/opt/zimbra

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