To help clear up confusion about Zimbra-Chat vs. Zimbra-Talk vs. Zimbra-Connect

Both zimbra-talk and zimbra-chat are no longer supported in favor of zimbra-connect; Zimbra-Connect is supported.

To remove zimbra-chat, zimbra-talk, and install zimbra-connect do the following...

NOTE: The commands should only be used on zimbra nodes running the mailboxd service.

CentOS / RedHat

As zimbra
zmzimletctl undeploy zimbra-talk

zmzimletctl undeploy zimbra-chat

As root
yum remove zimbra-talk

yum remove zimbra-chat

yum install zimbra-connect


As zimbra
zmzimletctl undeploy zimbra-talk

zmzimletctl undeploy zimbra-chat

As root
apt-get remove zimbra-talk

apt-get remove zimbra-chat

apt-get install zimbra-connect

Finish Zimbra-Connect install

As zimbra
for cos in `zmprov gac`; do zxsuite config cos set $cos attribute teamChatEnabled value true; zxsuite config cos set $cos attribute videoChatEnabled value true; zxsuite config cos set $cos attribute historyEnabled value true; done

zmmailboxdctl restart

Make sure your COS's has com_zimbra_connect_classic enabled.

zmprov mc default +zimbraZimletAvailableZimlets '+com_zimbra_connect_classic'

Access to Features

Access to Zimbra-Connect's features to create 'Spaces' or 'Channels' requires a additional licensing.
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Make sure the web ports are correct

If the web ports are not correct, it's very likely the user will not see the Connect tab from ZWC.

zimbraMailPort: 8080
zimbraMailProxyPort: 80
zimbraMailSSLPort: 8443
zimbraMailSSLProxyPort: 443


zimbraMailPort: 80
zimbraMailProxyPort: 8080
zimbraMailSSLPort: 443
zimbraMailSSLProxyPort: 8443

As a proposed workaround.

/opt/zimbra/libexec/zmproxyconfig -o -e -w -H `zmhostname` -x both

zmtlsctl both

zmconfigdctl restart

zmproxyctl restart

zmmailboxdctl restart


If you see this error

The following mandatory sub-services failed to start:
- mariadb-migration: Migration of Connect from MariaDB to HSQLDB FAILED due to: Conflicting data, see parameter delete_destination_before_import of command doImportFromMariaDB

Then run the following as the zimbra user.

zxsuite connect doImportFromMariaDb ignore_already_migrated TRUE delete_destination_before_import TRUE

zxsuite connect dostopservice module

zxsuite connect dostartservice module

413 Request Entity Too Large

It has been reported users cannot send files to each other via Zimbra-Connect. This is a bug, which will be resolved when Patch 9 is released for the 8.8.15 version. Until Patch-9 is released, the only workaround is to disable Quotas for the account(s).

Additional Info

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