Installing Blackberry Enterprise Server (ZCB/BES) in a Zimbra Proxy Environment

Blackberry Enterprise Server (ZCB/BES) in a Zimbra Proxy Environment

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Please see Installing_Blackberry_Enterprise_Server_(ZCB/BES)_in_a_Zimbra_Proxy_Environment


Currently the Zimbra Proxy server does not proxy requests on Port 7071. The Zimbra Proxy documentations suggests to turn off HTTP SSL on the mailbox servers and offloads it to the Zimbra Proxies, but the proxy servers do not handle 7071 like the mailbox servers do.

ZCB/BES needs Ports 443/8443 and 7071 to work. Until Bug 31053 is resolved to proxy port 7071 you will need to apply the below steps for ZCB/BES to function properly.

Configure BlackBerry Profiles in BES

When creating both BlackberryServer and BlackberryManager profiles, you need to point these to one of the Zimbra Mailstores directly. Also the Mailstore must not be running the Proxy service.

Enable HTTPS on all Mailstores

All Zimbra mailstores need to have HTTPS enabled. We recommend setting the mailstore to use 'BOTH' for mail mode.

To enable https please follow below wiki.

Note: The proxy documentation says that the mailbox server only supports http for zimbraMailMode when used with a proxy server. In this case, you can set the zimbraMailMode to both so the proxy server connects to the mailbox server on port 8080 and the BES server connects on 8443.

The BES server must be able to access *all mailstores* directly on ports 7071 and 443/8443. This is because ZCB uses the Zimbra "waitset()" command, and must be able to directly connect to the mailstore on which each user resides. After retrieving the user location on port 7071, BES/ZCB will connect to port 443 or 8443 on the proper mailstore for each user it syncs.

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