How to uninstall Zimbra Talk

How to uninstall Zimbra Talk

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Zimbra Talk specializes in providing services for real time communication and it includes several components. In minimal installation a Zimbra environment and a single additional server (the Talk server) are required. At the moment the only supported platform for the Talk Server is Ubuntu 14.04 (64bit).

The Zimbra Talk system enables its users to perform text chat, text conference, video chat & video conference as well as online document collaboration between the participants of a Zimbra Talk session, using Zimbra Zimlet technology.

Uninstall Zimbra Talk Server

To uninstall the Zimbra-Talk application, execute the installer with the -u flag:

$ sudo ./ -u

Since this might take some time, so we propose running the uninstall process in a screen.

After the uninstall process has been started, you are prompted, if you are really sure to proceed:


If Yes is chosen here, the uninstall process will be started:

$ performing uninstall
$ * Stopping Prosody XMPP Server prosody [ OK ]
$ * Stopping Jetty servlet engine (was reachable on jetty8 [ OK ]
$ * Stopping nginx nginx [ OK ]
$ removing packages
cleaning up
Zimbra Talk is now removed

The line Zimbra Talk is now removed indicates that the uninstall process has been finished and the Zimbra-talk application server has been completely removed from the system.

Uninstall Zimbra Talk Zimlet on the Zimbra Collaboration Server

To remove the Zimbra-Talk Zimlet from your Zimbra Collaboration Environment, perform these commands as user zimbra:

$ sudo su - zimbra
$ zm-apt-get remove --purge zcs-vnc-talk

To complete the removal process, the mailboxd has to be restarted and we propose to flush the cache the along with it:

$ zmmailboxdctl restart
$ zmprov fc all

Note: In a multi-server environment, these actions must be performed on every Zimbra Mailbox server.

Zimbra Talk


Latest Version: 2.3

Zimbra Talk Resources

Here you can find useful resources for your Zimbra Talk environment

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