How to sync a shared folder to your mobile devices

How to sync shared folders with mobile devices ?

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By default shared folders does not sync with mobile devices configure in Z10 with Active Sync.


It's possible to synchronize folders that are not owned by the user itself to mobile devices. This applies to all item types available through the Exchange ActiveSync protocol, so It will be able to sync any shared email folder, contact, calendar.

Mail folder sharing
  • User Specific
zmprov ma <> zimbraMobileShareMailEnabled TRUE
  • COS Specific
zmprov mc <cos_name> zimbraMobileShareMailEnabled TRUE
Calendar folder sharing
  • User Specific
zmprov ma <> zimbraMobileShareCalendarEnabled TRUE
  • COS Specific
zmprov mc <cos_name> zimbraMobileShareCalendarEnabled TRUE
Contact folder sharing
  • User Specific
zmprov ma <> zimbraMobileShareContactEnabled TRUE
  • COS Specific
zmprov mc <cos_name> zimbraMobileShareContactEnabled TRUE

Submitted by: Ankit Dagdi
Verified Against: ZCS 10.0 Date Created: 2023-05-04
Article ID: Date Modified: 2023-12-26

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